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Where Feathers Are A Way of Life
Helping 1 Bird At a Time

You can help the Parrots :                                     

If you would like to make donations, cash donations may be sent in by check or Money order or using PayPal, food and toys must be shipped to the address that will be supplied to you when you inquire about sending food or a toy.

Please make your checks out to Feather to Feather, Inc.


Sponsors and anyone who donate to our Sanctuary that would like to be Listed on Our Sponsor Page by name and donation please make us aware of this or if they prefer not to be listed. also 

Here is the Sanctuary Wish List :


Gift Cards or Checks ( made out to Feather to Feather, Inc ) to and for:

Our Certified Avian Vet,  to Prepay for ill or injured birds ( you may send it directly to her office )

Gift cards toward our high electric bills to keep the birds warm or Cool

Any Gasoline Station Located in Our Area

Any Pet or Feed Store  in Our Area, upon contacting us I will give you their names and locations

Food Items

Zupreem Fruit Blend Parrot/ Conure or Large Parrot Pellets

Kaytee Rainbow Parrot Chunky Pellets

Kaytee Rainbow Parrot Pellets

 Any Parrot or Cockatiel Seed including Safflower and or Sunflower Seed

Raw Shelled or Unshelled Nuts of any kind

Dehydrated foods

 Fresh or Frozen or Canned Fruits and Vegatables

Cans of Fruit Juice

Pedialyte, single serving size is best for less waste for ill parrots or underweight ones


Any and All Bird Toys

Any and All USABLE Bird Cages

Small Baby Rattles, they love the phone type

Pieces of UNTREATED WOOD ( any size over 1 inch square) for chewing

Good Quality Bales of Horse Hay ( 1 bale 3 or 4 times a year, they also just love the Oxbow Orchard Hay 6 or 7 ) for the birds to munch or sleep on

Baby Lap Pads

Crib Matteress Protectors

Crib Blankets

Clothe Diapers ( prefer non prefolded )

Paper towels or heavy  paper napkins

Unscented Baby Wipes ( for dirty feet and beaks )

Big THICK Towels

New and Old Blankets to cover cages 

Clorox Bleach 

Subscription to a local newspaper for cage bottoms

 A Bigger Faster Laptop Computer for classes


Computer Projector for classes 

A shed large enough to store empty cages and/or yard sale items for our yard sales

Please keep in mind that we do accept PayPal  for a one time donation, as well as

 credit cards as well as debit cards 

Items to sell or Raffle in order to raise funds for the above items.