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Our Companion Birds Are a Thrill a Minute. Most of them are tame now and are handled daily, those that dont want touched that day are worked with to increase their knowledge ( or mine, lol ), either way EVERYONE gets some kind of positive attention daily. To be honest some days that is all I manage to get done, bird related things. All the birds get out of the cage time although we are on a split schedule as to whom is safe out with whom. You just never know who will do what to whom or what new thing that used to be important to you, has become a new toy to them, just ask Sam E who chose to EAT/ DISMANTLE my good heavy drape when I wasn't looking, even AFTER we moved him a whole 12 inches away from it after the first bite. O and dont even ask about the draw string that used to be on the expensive drapery rod, that little trouble maker.

  One of my favorite jobs here at Feather To Feather is TEACHING a Parrot HOW to be a Parrot, not a small undertaking however a much needed one.    Like I said you just never know. .

Cockatoos, Macaws, Conures, Cockatiels and Smokey

We are a very small rescue when compared to others who brag about hundreds of birds, I cant help hundreds of anything at one time...we are Helping One Bird At A Time. Not all of the Companion Parrots listed below are Rescued from bad homes. Some were given up by those that loved them and wanted what was best for them and some are MY personal pets.


The Species and Sub-species of birds that we keep are listed below with further information about them.

Scarlet Macaw, a Bolivian ( Sky Walker ) and ( Scrapper ) and their kids Fancy Dancer and T.C.  Scrappers name fits him, he would rather fight than be touched, he will attack Sky Walker or himself if he is not approached in a certain way. I guess that he had had enough coming in from a biker bar. Sky Walker is my girl, she is so tame that you would think that she was hand raised however I am told that she wasnt. She has a severe sizzor beak and no matter how tame she was noone wanted to buy her because of it but I love her just the same. http://www.parrotpro.com/scarlet.php


Blue and Gold Macaw...Rainbow and Navajo rescued from differant homes and are now and a bonded pair. Rainbow will never mate, not that we care, he was severely cage bound  however Navajo has helped him a lot with that. He still hides when he gets nervous.


I still have to giggle about poor Rainbow, his name was 'AMY' when he reach us.  And Navajo was 'Bird'

Moluccan Cockatoos....Wind Dancer , Bailey Bird, Peaches ( our female )   and Sam E (Rescues ) all unbonded males however Bailey is working on it slowely. Wind Dancer has been here many many years and has become one of my pets  When he came in from a bird show he was 3 years old and naked except for his head, she swore that he was hormonal. At 3 years old ? Give me a break, he was a baby. We worked with him for years and now he is fully feathered except one patch that has never grown back. Now Sam E is a problem all by himself. He was someones whole world at one time and although I dont know what happened I can guess that SHE ( he does NOT like men ) suddenly disappeared from his life. He has a severe case of separation anxiety, the worst I have ever seen in a Parrot, to him plucking feathers is done out of frustration. We have tried many things on him to no availe. I am trying very hard not to put as collar on him because I think in his case that he would totally flake out and do himself some kind of damage trying to remove it. If I could find him the right home we would all be happy. The right home will have his chosen person home 24/7 and no other indoor pets or kids. He is easily startled and overstimulates quickly. He is a wonderful and smart Moluccan with a personality that is all Moluccan Cockatoo.


Umbrella Cockatoo...The Baby ( aka Sir Lancelot who is my baby ), Lucy Girl ( rescued from Katrina) , Nikki ( a rescue who was literally an ankle biter)

Umbrella Cockatoo  Boo Bear and Princess (both rescues from the same overzealous inexperianced breeder )

Congo African Grey ...Bruce's personal pet Footless Smokey rescued from an ill owner http://www.avianweb.com/africangreys.htm

Blue Crowned Conure...Naked Willie ( was found rescued from behind a Salvation Army store in LA in a parakeet cage before Katrina hit, by Lucy's owner and brought to us) and Blue a pet now a bonded pair

Sun Conure....Sundance and Cassidy ( both rescues , ADOPTED )

White Face Cockatiels

White Face Albino Cockatiels

I will add links to view each species later, when time permits.