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Directions on how to Ship a Parrot

                                                                    Shipping Your Companion Parrot


Some have found that it is just not feasable to drive their Companion Parrot to Feather to Feather and have asked us about possibly shipping instead.  I am including all the information for shipping your Companion Parrots safely.  We recommend that you make an appointment with your vet to make sure that your parrot is healthy before shipping, if at all possible. Health Certificates are no longer required by Airlines they can be required at some state agencies.  You are also welcome to come for a visit first or to fly in with your Companion Parrot.

We use Delta Pet First as they fly the birds in climate controlled cabins and they go "Counter to Counter" which means that we are right there to receive the Companion Parrot upon landing. They will not sit out on the hot tarmac waiting for anyone.  There are some things you will need to do in order to prepare your Companion Parrot for their flight.  You will need a pet carrier large enough for your parrot to stand on a perch and still have enough room that the parrots head does not touch the top of the carrier.  We recommend that you insert a perch inside through to the outside using regular wood screws and a washer right through the carrier into a bird safe piece of wood of the approprate size for your Companion Parrot.  Put a couple of layers of newspaper in the carrier. No toys, swings or water bottles. If the carrier has food dishes attached to the door and they dont move leave them in place, otherwise do not add food or water dishes. Put a handful or 2 of the Companion Parrots food in the crate and some cut up orange, grapes or other high water content food that the bird likes and will eat.

Most Air Cargo's would like you to screen in or wire to cover any open holes in the crate. Window screening is good for this job, and can be duct taped to the outside of the crate, out of sight of that little beak is best. You might want to tape the birds name on the top front of the carrier so that they can be called by a familiar name when someone talks to them.

You need to call the reservation desk for Delta Pet First at 1-888-736-3738 and find out what flights are available ( remember that they want you there 2 hours early ) you will be sending your Companion Parrot to Tampa International Airport, also ask them for the number for your local 'Air Cargo'. You will need this to find out what they require with regards to the carrier and where they are located for you to take, as this is where you will take your parrot for its flight. You may want to call Air Cargo BEFORE you leave your house to make sure that your flight is still on.  Keep in mind sometimes they will overbook and the animals get bumped first. From there call us and let us know the possible flight times and we will arrange for the most convenient times for us both. We will then, at that time, give you the exact shipping address. You will then call the Reservation desk back and confirm the flight. They will ask you for our name, address and telephone number.  They will also want the dimensions ( measurments ) of the carrier and its weight, most, including the birds, are under 10 pounds.

It should cost about $ 90.00 to ship a single Companion Parrot in its carrier and the price is adjusted when shipping multiple carriers, you pay when you drop off your birds.  You will receive a FLIGHT NUMBER, TIMES and a CONF. NUMBER which you will then call and give it this information to us. We would also appreciate a phone call after you have dropped your Companion Parrot off to make sure that they got off ok and on time. We will call you the minete your parrot is with us and has been given food and water, even before we leave the parking lot. If there is any problem you will be notified right away however after a days rest they are almost always back to their normal playful selves.

We have done this many times over the years and am not at all worried about flying Companion Parrots, we have only had 1 stressed and injured parrot.

Paperwork should be in a envolope and taped to the top of the carrier it should include any health and sexing records, any vet's name address and phone number who has seen the bird, approximate age and any special notes that may help us help your bird. Also include a list of the birds FAVORITE foods as well as the food that it normally eats. Add your contact information so that I can send you a donors receipt and a membership package if you have joined You may also ship their cage but realize that the shipping cost could be large, it may be cheaper to ship the cage thru UPS or some other way, depending upon the size and weight of the cage.

If you would like to send a box of the birds toys or food before the flight so that we can set up their new cage with familiar items, we would like that as well.

F2F 2011