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Adults that are Ready for Adoption


This page will list Parrots and other birds who are ready to be adopted, some will be tame, some won't be, ALL we be ADULTS. There will be an adoption fee for each Parrot, some will just be smaller than others. These fees MAY BE lowered depending upon the Parrot and the potential owner.  An advanced Application MUST be done on ALL ADULTS.  A home inspection MAY be required. You will be required to make multiple visits here to work with the parrot of your choice and get to know his or her personality and if any, bad habits. From time to time we foster parrots out while a new owner is being sought, if you would like to foster a parrot please let us know.

If you want an Adoption or a Foster home Application either email us or send a SASE envelope to 

Feather to Feather, Inc

P.O.Box 10445

Brooksville, Florida 34603 

NO Parrot or other bird will be sold, adopted to, given to, traded to or Fostered to ANYONE who RESELLS Parrots. Keep this in mind when asking about a bird.

We reserve the right to not sell, adopt, give, trade or Foster you any companion bird. If you want a bird and that bird does not like you, you cannot adopt or take possession of said bird, nor will we accept money beyond a deposit to hold him or her while you  work with us to see if its just shyness or a no win situation. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

When asking about an adoptable bird or parrot please give us a email address, phone number and your full name so that we may contact you. We will also need to know what bird, by name and species, that you are interested in and if you have any experience with parrots and if so, what type of bird or parrot.

Tame Female Umbrella

This female is very tame loving and wants to be THE only bird in the house. She is about 15 years old.  She does NOT like to share his human with other birds or small kids, so we need to know that she will be THE only indoor pet. She seems to prefer a specific type of man or woman which we will be taking into consideration and watching for upon you meeting her. She is very talkative and likes her pellets and seed. She doesn't like much in the way of people food but we are working on that. She DOES NOT like changes or being alone a lot at all. She will self pluck when left alone to much or when changes happen. She is a Velcro bird in every sense of the word. lol  Keep in mind that she is a emotional and needy bird and I do not see that changing within the next 75 years ( her lifetime )

An Application, home check must be done before he can be adopted, and you will be required to sign forms that state she will be returned to us  if it does not work out for what ever reason. We want to make sure that she will NOT be sold or traded away, as she does not tolerate moves easily. We will consider all offers based upon his reaction to you and anyone living in your home.

We reserve the right to NOT sell her to you if we feel that she is not comfortable with you and with us knowing him we can tell who she does and does not like. Her needs come first.

these photos are not of her however they are of Umbrella Cockatoos in our care.

Moluccan Cockatoo Sam E

This is to introduce Sam E. Sam is a unbanded MALE 11 to 14 year old Muloccan Cockatoo who was said to be an experianced proven breeder, he isnt even close. Yes, he wants to breed HOWEVER just not with anything with FEATHERS. Sam E has some issues that are difficult to overcome, he doesnt know that he is a bird or why he isn't at his old home, he also has a SEVERE case of Separation Anxiety. You can see in his photo that he does tend to pluck or chew on his feathers when left alone. He wants constant attention and plucks because he cant have it, he is due to go for tranks if we dont find a happy medium.  He is a funny and completely tame Companion Parrot but HATES MOST MEN. When we had him at the Flea Market I did notice the type of men that he shied away from and which type he seemed to prefer, that will help keep his stress level lower while looking for a new home for him. lol  As a Moluccan he does tend to get loud and very high pitched while playing, so he would not do well in a close neighbor area.  In order to adopt Sam E you MUST spend a couple of days here ( driving to and from ) with him ( daytime only ) to see and hear his vocalizations.  The right family will be very patient with Sam and have at least 1 parent at home most of the time. We have a short video of Sam E vocalizing on our Feather to Feather Face Book page, please look it up to see this clip.

Until Sam E finds a new home he will be getting a lot of attention from everyone that he meets wherever we are set up at or at other functions. Best advice IF you want to meet Sam E or if you want to know how loud a parrot can be come to one of our functions and listen for Sam when you open your car door as his contact calls can be heard over most anything else. lol Believe me you CANNOT out scream Sam or any other parrot.

NOTE:: The person that adopts Sam E will have to prove that they can handle his being Sam everyday before Sam can be adopted out. Sam is a lot of fun but he needs a special kind of person that knows how towork with him.

Goffin Cockatoo Poco

 PACO Adopted  > This is Poco, a male Goffin Cockatoo. He is 4 years old ( 2011). He has so much fun playing that he makes everyone around him laugh. He tends to get dirty from rolling around in his cage but he enjoys baths as well as playing. Poco has plucked his chest bald in one large spot and has picked up a macaw screech that can be irritating at times. Poco needs room to play in his cage and a parent who will enjoy his antics and let him out to play daily. He was exposed to a small dog and a mini macaw in his previous home however we dont think that a small fast moving bark factory would help him relax in any home. He is gutsy and will walk up to a larger bird, beak open to pick a fight, so we do not recommend that he be exposed to other birds. 

09/2013  Paco has a little playmate named Gator and Paco has proven to be a bully with other birds. He is still up for adoption to the right home.

Meet Nani

Photo: This is Nani, she ( ?? ) age is unknown but is at least 4 years old and is a Gold Crowned Conure. She is fairly tame and loves riding on shoulders. She DOES pluck however I think that the plucking will stop in the right home as she doesn't appear emotionally stressed, but came to us like this. She does talk and enjoys her human time so she needs to be INDOORS and with only 1 or 2 other indoor pets. Please contact us for information about adopting Nani.SHE HAS FOUND  HERSELF A NEW HAPPY HOME.

 This is Nani, she ( ?? ) age is unknown but is at least 4 years old and is a Gold Crowned Conure. She is fairly tame and loves riding on shoulders. She DOES pluck, as you can see, however I think that the plucking will stop in the right home as she doesn't appear to be real emotionally stressed, she came to us like this a few weeks ago. She does talk and enjoys her human time so she needs to be INDOORS and with only 1 or 2 other indoor pets. Please contact us for information about adopting Nani or any other parrot.


Meet Frick and Frack or even Loud and Louder

Photo: Nanday Conure pair. This pair is up for adoption.Adopted

This is Frick and Frack ( otherwise nameless at this point ), a BONDED PAIR of  NANDAY CONURES. They are a BONDED MALE and a FEMALE and CANNOT be separated.  They are  the usual Nanday Conures, chattering all day and watching everything that goes on.